The Team

PhD defense in April 2015
Fun Forest in August 2015


Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Institute of Inorganic Chemistry
Division Molecular Chemistry

Prof. Dr. Frank Breher

Engesserstr. 15
Gebäude 30.45 (Raum 523)
76131 Karlsruhe

office +49-(0)721-608 448 55
fax +49-(0)721-608 470 21
Email breher(at)

Frank Breher performed his Ph.D. studies at the Universities of Oldenburg and Marburg (10.1998 to 03.2001) under the supervision of Prof. W. Uhl. He spent his postdoctoral period in the research group of Prof. H. Grützmacher at the ETH Zürich, Switzerland (DFG fellowship), where he became an independent researcher in 2002 supported by a Liebig fellowship. In 2005 he accepted a faculty position at the Universität Karlsruhe (TH) and became Assistant Professor in January 2006. Subsequently, he was promoted to W3-Professor for Inorganic Chemistry at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in April 2010. His research interests centre around the synthesis, structure, bonding and reactivity of organometallic and coordination compounds of unusual Main Group element cages/clusters and transition metal complexes. Spectroscopic techniques including cyclic voltammetry, EPR spectroscopy, and advanced NMR methods as well as density functional theory calculations are also of interest. In 2016, he was awarded the faculty teaching award. Since October 2016, he is Dean of Study Affairs (Chemistry).

Junior PI

Junior Group Leader

Dr. Alexander Hinz

Engesserstr. 15
Gebäude 30.45 (Raum 518)
76131 Karlsruhe

office +49-(0)721-608 420 93
Email alexander.hinz(at)

Alexander Hinz obtained his Diplom under the supervision of Prof. Martin Köckerling at the University of Rostock with studies of transition-metal-containing ionic liquids in 2012. For his doctoral studies, he joined the group of Prof. Axel Schulz at the same university and explored new group 15 singlet biradicaloids and their reactivity. In 2015, he seized the opportunity to join Prof. Jose Goicoechea’s group at the University of Oxford as a post-doctoral researcher, where he investigated the chemistry of heavy analogues of the cyanate anion. Since April 2018, he has been recipient of a Liebig Fellowship of the Fonds der Chemischen Industrie and is developing sterically highly demanding substituents for the stabilisation of terminal main-group and transition-metal nitrides. His new webpage has recently been lauched, please click here.

MA-, PhD students and postdocs (arranged in alphabetical order)

Lea Bayer

lab 521 +49-(0)721-608 466 82
Email Lea.Bayer(at)


“Multinuclear complexes via post-functionalization”

Bernhard Birenheide

lab 519 +49-(0)721-608 487 79
Email bernhard.birenheide(at)


“Stimuli-responsive ligands in coordination chemistry”

Wolfram Feuerstein

lab 302 +49-(0)721-608 480 65
Email wolfram.feuerstein(at)


“Synthesis and reactivity of metal complexes with interesting photochemical properties”

Verena Höhn

lab 520 +49-(0)721-608 433 94
Email hoehn.verena(at)


MA thesis “synthetic methods for capturing reactive intermediates”

Michelle Kaiser

lab 303 +49-(0)721-608 428 78
Email michellekaiser312(at)


PhD thesis under the supervision of Dr. Alexander Hinz: “low-coordinate transition metal complexes”

Felix Krämer

lab 522 +49-(0)721-608 454 39
Email felix.kraemer(a)


“Ambiphilic Molecules”